SuperRare is powered by Ethereum, which secures payments and registers ownership of all artworks.

There are many actions you can take on SuperRare which, behind the scenes, are blockchain transactions on Ethereum. Such actions include placing a bid, purchasing, transferring, setting a price, cancelling a bid, and creating an artwork.

We've tried to eliminate complexity and make collecting on SuperRare as simple as possible, but it can help to understand what is going on behind the scenes, so let's take a specific example and walk through the steps:

Example transaction | placing a bid:

  1. When you choose a bid amount and submit it, you'll get a pop-up from your Ethereum wallet provider (e.g. MetaMask, Fortmatic, TrustWallet) asking you to confirm the transaction details, and maybe set a gas (network fee) price. 

  2. When you click to approve the details of that pop-up, your bid transaction is submitted to the Ethereum network. At this point, the transaction is pending and awaiting confirmation by the network. While a transaction is pending, you'll see a small message at the bottom of the screen on SuperRare, from which you can link to view the transaction on Etherscan, an Ethereum monitoring tool.

  3. Pending transactions can confirm within just a few seconds or take longer, depending on the gas (network fee) price you set, as well as how busy the Ethereum network is at the time. Once your bid transaction is confirmed by the network, the SuperRare website will be updated within a few seconds to reflect it.

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