The best way to get started is to browse the Activity Feed and Marketplace to see what styles you like, and get a sense of what things are selling for. You can also find and follow your favorite artists to get notified when they create a new work.

You will need a wallet to fund your account and start collecting. We recommend installing MetaMask for wallet management. Once MetaMask is installed, log in, then go to and "Sign Up" using the MetaMask ETH wallet address. Once you've made the account you just need to send some ETH to the MetaMask wallet to begin bidding on artworks.

You can also make a SuperRare account using the Fortmatic option (email or phone number and a pin code), if this route is used then Fortmatic will automatically create an ETH wallet for your account and they will be the ones to store the private keys.

Once you find a piece you like, you can place a bid on it, or if it has a "Buy Now" price, you can purchase it. Every piece you collect will show up on your profile and your collection page once the blockchain transaction finishes going through.

New to collecting or want advice from our head of collector success? Email [email protected]

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