Features is the hub of exhibitions, notable projects, and special releases happening in the world of SuperRare. Features are created on an ad hoc basis and are a curatorial decision made by the team. If your proposal is accepted, the exhibition will be promoted on our Instagram and Twitter as well.

What to prepare for an Exhibition proposal?

  • Title of the exhibition

  • Subtitle

  • Curatorial text (no word limit)

  • Cover image (2000 x 1000px)

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Location (virtual/IRL)

  • Location URL

  • Featured artists (links to SR)

  • Featured artworks on SuperRare (links to SR)

  • Curators (links to SR)

  • Related images, ratio 16:9 (cannot be NFTs themselves; can be WIP, installation views, posters, etc.)

  • Related videos, titles of the videos, format: MP4s/YouTube/Vimeo links (cannot be NFTs themselves; can be WIP, teasers, panels, interviews, studio visits, etc.)

  • Editorials (The minimum requirement is 500 words, with visuals <16MB each, a title, a banner image 2000x1000 px)

Who to contact?

[email protected]

When to send the Feature proposal?

At least 3 weeks before your preferred start date.

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