This guide is intended to help artists better understand how SuperRare works, and to help maximize engagement and sales once your art is up on SuperRare. 

How Bids & Set Prices Work: 

  • Artworks on SuperRare are always open for bidding. When you receive a bid, it will remain open until you accept it or the bidder cancels it. If a higher bid comes in, the lower bids will be returned to the bidders (only the highest bid will remain in your offers tab).

  • You can choose to set a “buy it now” price on your artworks, or leave it open for bidding and accept once it’s reached a price you are happy with. 

Tips for Success on SuperRare:

  • Whether you decide to set “Buy It Now” prices or leave works open for bidding, remember not to sell yourself short. You can always set a price or accept lower bids at a later date, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your work up for sale for a few weeks until the right collector comes along that values it.

  • We’ve seen the highest sales come from bidding wars where multiple collectors bid for a piece. The best way to achieve a bidding war is to leave your artwork open for bidding and not set a “Buy It Now” price. If you do set a “buy it now” price you could potentially be missing out on the chance at a high sale from a bidding war.

  • If there is a bidding war on your work, make sure to promote the bidding war on social media, tagging the collectors to increase the fomo

  • Some of the most important stats for collectors are your total supply and your average sale price so it’s important to always keep both in mind as you start selling your works. Remember, if collectors see that your average sale price is 0.5ETH there’s a good chance they won’t bid much more than that. You can follow the artists stats here: https://superrare.co/crypto-artists (you can sort the list by each stat by clicking on the stat headers). 

  • Collectors value scarcity - the artists we’ve seen making the biggest sales on SR never release more than 1-2 artworks per week. Take the time to promote each artwork well and hold out as long as you need to for a sale you’ll be happy with.

  • Artwork Descriptions are very important - take the time to give collectors as much information as possible about your artwork and your process in the artwork description. 

  • As soon as you start making big sales on SR you’ll likely be contacted by many other art platforms asking you to tokenize with them as well. In the end it’s totally up to you where you tokenize, just make sure you keep a focus on scarcity and your average sale price (across platforms) - don’t sell anything for cheaper on another platform when you could sell it for more on SR. 

Suggestions for promoting your work:

  • You can think of SuperRare more like Kickstarter than eBay. In order to succeed, you should actively share/tweet/email and otherwise communicate the opportunity as much as possible. We’ll help share and promote your work as much as we can, but the brunt of the promotion happens between the creator and their network/fans/followers.

  • Post often on social media (Twitter/Instagram/Cent, etc.) to maximize reach. Promote & tease what you’re doing before the art is available, and repeatedly once it’s on SuperRare. Remember, these pieces are scarce cryptoassets, and you want to create FOMO and excitement each time you drop a new artwork.

  • Tag/mention SuperRare in all of your posts. We’ll retweet/share as much as we can.

  • Compose tweets/instagram posts giving context to each specific piece or series. What is its story? Why is it unique and valuable? What does it mean to you?

  • Describe what crypto art is, and why you’re excited about it. Why are you doing this?

  • Write a Medium post about your experience, motivation, artwork, etc. Medium posts usually do well in this space.

  • Try to talk to press. Several SuperRare artists have succeeded in getting interviews because of general interest in what is happening with crypto and art.

  • Get a parcel on cryptovoxels where you can feature your artworks in VR. The cryptovoxels community is growing very quickly and there is tons of overlap with the cryptoart community so it’s a great place to get involved and get more eyeballs. 

Remember, this space is still in its early days. Many people can be unsure of how to participate, so it’s good to over-communicate what exactly is going on, why it’s awesome, and how people can participate. Here are some sample phrases; feel free to use or pull from them:

  • “Crypto art on SuperRare is provably scarce, one of a kind, and you can collect it like you’d buy a bitcoin.”

  • “For the first time, we have true ownership and scarcity in digital assets.”

  • “Typical art-world problems like proving authenticity, provenance, and other data about artwork is solved, because everything is tracked on the blockchain, a permanent ledger.”

  • “When you buy a SuperRare, you get a one of a kind digital artwork issued by the artist, that you hold in your Ethereum wallet.”

  • “With a piece of crypto art, everyone can see it, but only one  person can own it.”

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