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What is a wallet?
A 'wallet' is software that you can use to manage your art and other tokens on Ethereum.

Why is a wallet required to sign up?
SuperRare is a non-custodial platform, which means you have full control over your funds, art, or any other tokens in your wallet at all times. A wallet is required to manage your Ethereum account, hold your tokens, and send and receive transactions like bids on SuperRare.

Which wallet should I use?

We recommend installing MetaMask. We find that it has the most support resources available online for troubleshooting issues that are native to the wallet itself, but we also support an array of other wallets via WalletConnect.

Once MetaMask is installed, log in, then go to and "Sign Up" using the MetaMask ETH wallet address. Once you've made the account you just need to send some ETH to the MetaMask wallet to begin bidding on artworks.

You can view a detailed breakdown on signing up with Metamask here, or watch the video below.

I'm having issues with Brave browser & MetaMask
Brave has a default wallet that conflicts with MetaMask. If you would like to use MetaMask, please go to the Brave browser settings and disable the Brave wallet. Once you've done, that please restart your browser and try again.

Already have a wallet?
If you have a wallet you would like to use, you need to sign up from a device with that wallet installed. For example if you use MetaMask on your desktop, you will need to sign up for SuperRare on your desktop as well.

Still can't sign in?

Sometimes users try to sign into their account from a different device or browser and end up login into another SuperRare account. Please double check that you have the exact same set-up and Ethereum address as when you last logged in.

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