Each week our team carefully reviews and vets all new artist submissions and the bar for entry continues to rise as more and more amazing artists submit profiles. We want to give new potential artists the best possible chance of getting accepted by sharing some helpful tips on what factors are most important to getting accepted. 

1) Be able to prove your identity as original artist

Our goal is to make SuperRare the place with the best collector experience in digital art. One key factor in doing this is to make sure we are protecting our collectors by ensuring all artworks tokenized on the platform were actually created by the artist that tokenized it. Once an artist is approved they are given complete access to tokenize any artworks they want, so the vetting process has become very important.

Especially in CryptoArt, many artists tokenize under their artist alias. We don’t necessarily need to know your legal name, or even where you are from, but we do need to be able to see that you are the person (or alias) that you claim to be in your submission. 

One way to do this is to include links to your artist social media sites (Twitter/Instagram/Cent etc), as well as any artist websites or portfolios you have online. Including these links has become very important to getting accepted, and we no longer accept artists that don’t provide these.

We also recently added a short video to the submission requirements. While this might add a little time to the submission process, it’s highly important for us to be able to verify who you are. If you operate under an artist alias, or prefer to keep your true identity hidden, that’s totally fine! If you prefer to not show your face in the submission video you can also send a video with your face covered/blurred, or at a very minimum an audio file introducing yourself and explaining the story behind your art. 

2) Promote your art on social media!

We’ve seen very clearly that the artists doing a good job of promoting themselves and their art on social media sites like Twitter/Instagram/Cent are the ones that attract the most collectors on SuperRare. If you look at the Twitter feeds for our top 3 selling artists Hackatao, XCOPY and Coldie, you’ll see that they are constantly working hard to promote themselves and their works.

We aren’t saying you need to have thousands of followers and dedicate your life to social media to get accepted, but we do need to see that you are making an effort to promote yourself online in a way that will help to attract new collectors to the platform. As the CryptoArt community continues to grow there are more and more tools, contests and promotions becoming available to help artists increase their clout. Get creative and get involved! Collectors appreciate artists that know how to promote themselves.

3) Have an original, consistent style

One of the most important factors we look for in new artists is that they have an original and consistent brand to their artworks. We aren’t trying to limit your creative process by any means, but we’re seeing more and more that the artists that do the best on SuperRare are the ones that focus on being original and having a consistent look & feel.

In our form we ask for a link to 3–5 artworks that you’d want tokenize on SuperRare if accepted. For the artworks you submit, make sure they feel original to you and like they were created by the same artist. SuperRare is made up of artists with MANY different styles. What’s your style? Do you specialize in generative art? Pixel art? Glitch art? GIF art? Surrealism? You may have multiple styles you work within, but whatever your style is, show us the best of that style in your submission. 

4) Scarcity Scarcity Scarcity

We take scarcity very seriously, and we’re strong believers that the artists spending more time on creating the best possible works of art do far better with collectors, rather than flooding the market. Many artists that submit to SuperRare have already tokenized artworks on other platforms as well, and that’s completely fine. If this is the case for you, we’ll look to see how many artworks you’ve tokenized across other platforms. Are you tokenizing multiple artworks every day? Or are you spending more time creating and tokenizing better artworks less frequently? 

Whether your platform is SuperRare or another, pick your favorite platform (or maybe 2) and stick to them. We’re more inclined to accept artists with a lower total supply of existing artworks than artists that have already tokenized hundreds of works across multiple platforms. 

5) Get involved in the community!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Join the conversation in our Discord and start getting to know the SuperRare community of artists and collectors. It’s a great way to learn more about the platform and develop relationships with some of the artists and collectors. You can also set up a SuperRare account and start collecting! When we get an artist submission from someone that’s already been active in our community, or that has already started supporting/collecting other artists on SuperRare we often pay special attention to those people. 

6) Don’t get discouraged

When submitting a profile as an artist on SuperRare it’s important to remember that we’re only accepting a small percentage of artists as we work to keep the marketplace's scarcity low and quality high. In fact, many of our most successful artists were not accepted the first time they submitted but they didn’t get discouraged and resubmitted with new artworks a month or two later and got accepted. Remember, it’s never personal and there are many factors that go into the decision.

It’s also a good idea to include references from well known artists or collectors in the community. If a well known artist or collector vouches for you it can often times increase your chances of getting accepted.

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