Tokenizing 3D art on SuperRare

Artist's guide to 3D files and tokenization

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What types of 3D files are supported?

SuperRare supports the tokenization of GLB files, the binary output of the GLTF format.

What is the tokenization process?

Similar to tokenizing video art on SuperRare, you'll need the artwork file (a GLB) and a high quality thumbnail (image or GIF). The artwork itself is rendered on the artwork detail page, and the thumbnail is displayed elsewhere.

Use the Tokenize page to first upload the artwork file, then the thumbnail. There is an auto-preview of both, including fullscreen preview mode for the 3D artwork so you can inspect it prior to tokenizing.

Then, finish as normal by writing in the artwork details and completing the transaction on Ethereum.

What are the file size limits?

Artwork file: 250MB

Thumbnail: 10MB

What rendering engine does SuperRare use for 3D artworks?

Google's Model Viewer

Can I preview my file somewhere to make sure it works?

Of course! The Tokenize page provides a full screen preview prior to tokenize.

You can also use this interactive tester built by google, which uses the same rendering engine.

What about more advanced options like default camera controls, background colors/textures, tone mapping, and HDRI?

Our first step was to build and ship SuperRare support for 3D artwork in the fastest and simplest form possible, get it out into the wild and get feedback, and then make improvements and add features from there. We plan to add richer features for 3D artists in the coming months– if you have specific ideas or feedback, feel free to share them with us.

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