I want to change my username

You can change your username clicking "Edit Profile" on your profile page.

I'd like to merge two accounts

This is not currently possible on SuperRare. The unique identifier is the ETH address, meaning that currently every account has exactly one ETH address associated and that ETH address can't be used with another account. We plan to add multi-wallet support in the future.

I want to delete one of my accounts

If for some reason you want to delete your current account, please email us at [email protected] from the email account associated with your SuperRare account. Please include your username in the body of the email.

My collections/creations do not show up

If you have bought or sold artworks on SuperRare and changes do not appear on your profile, waiting will solve 90% of these cases. If after a couple hours, you still cannot see the changes, reach out to us through our Support chat bubble found in the bottom right corner of our site.

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