Physical artworks on SuperRare?

Addressing a few questions pertaining to physical artwork

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Are there physical artworks on SuperRare?

No, all of the artworks on SuperRare are natively digital– they are not reproductions or photos of physical artworks.

That being said, we do have lots of painters that will use their physical pieces as a base, and then either animate or color them to become their own unique digital artworks.

I saw an artist saying a physical artwork would be included with purchase of the digital work– how does that work?

Artists are allowed to include extras like physical prints/paintings of the works with the sale of works on SuperRare if they choose to, but SuperRare has no official support or features around this at this time. It is something we are exploring adding in the future.

It's worth noting there are some collectors that don't like collecting digital works knowing someone else owns the physical version.

In the end, it's up to the artist as long as they are clear with collectors about the different versions that they plan to sell. We recommend artists to make it clear in the description that the physical is an add-on for the first collector of the digital NFT, since there is no way to guarantee they stay together on the secondary market.

As a collector, if you want to print an artwork you collect we recommend always checking with the artist to make sure they are ok with it. Some artists prefer to handle the printing on their end, and some artists do not want their work printed at all. Please refer to the terms of service for more details on ownership rights.

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