Note: this is irreversible and requires you to take control of your private keys – always use caution, and protect and back up your private keys.

To move a Fortmatic account to MetaMask, you need to export and take control of your private keys. You will need to use a desktop computer to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in with the same credentials you made for SR (email or phone number and a pin code)

  2. Select the "Export Private Key" option - please note once you export your private keys from Fortmatic you won't be able to login using the email/phone number and pin anymore and Fortmatic may no longer support your account.

  3. Then instead of creating a new wallet in MetaMask you select the "Import Wallet" option - import the private keys

  4. This will open the same wallet/account on your MetaMask

  5. You can also use the private keys to open the account on MetaMask mobile or opera browser for a mobile experience

  6. Make sure to write down and save your private keys somewhere safe OFFLINE - if you lose the private keys you lose access to your account and anything collected

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