How to Remove an Artwork

Steps on how to burn an artwork and remove it from the

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Burning an Artwork on the SuperRare Contract

WARNING: This action is irreversible – only perform on artworks you want to burn forever.

If you are an artist wanting to remove an artwork from your profile, you can use the transfer button on your artwork's detail page and send it to the following address:


This is the SuperRare 'Burn Address'. More precisely, it is a smart contract no one has access to. Any artwork sent to this address will be permanently removed from circulation.
​PLEASE NOTE: Other platforms like OpenSea are not guaranteed to honor artworks sent to the SuperRare burn address.

Burning an Artwork on a Spaces Contract

As a Space Operator, you can burn an artwork from Spaces Admin. Simply select the artwork you wish to remove within your Artwork Library, then select "Burn" at the bottom.

To burn an artwork without using the Admin UI, you will need to use a separate method than the one listed above for the SuperRare Contract. Head to Etherscan, and use the following steps:

  1. Paste the mint contract on which the artwork was minted into the Etherscan search bar

  2. Click the contract tab > "write contract" > then connect to web3. Make sure your Operator Wallet address is the one that's active, so Etherscan can see that you are the mint contract's owner

  3. Use #6, delete token function. You will need to have the token ID handy for the artwork in question

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