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How can I get my artist client on SuperRare?
How can I get my artist client on SuperRare?

For artist's managers and agents.

Written by Keegan Ead
Updated over a week ago

We believe in decentralization! As such we provide the ability for artists to tokenize their artwork on their own– and have full control over the entire process.

Much like traditional artists who add their insignia or a mark to their work– The tokenizing process is as equal a signing process. It acts as the artist's digital signature.

Being decentralized and giving artists the ability to sign their work is a crucially important step to authenticity and token provenance.

Because of this, SuperRare does not provide support for representatives managing artist's accounts.

If you want to help an artist get access to mint tokens on SuperRare, that's great, you can certainly help get them on our radar through this form. But in the end, only the original artist is allowed to mint and they also have to go through the onboarding process themselves, we don’t let managers tokenize on an artist's behalf.

Also, if you have multiple artists who you wish to represent on SuperRare, you might then consider looking into Spaces, a new way for collectives and organizations to act as independent galleries within our network. Spaces play an important role in ultimately shifting the act of curation into the hands of our community.

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