SuperRare Badges can be collected upon reaching milestones in the SuperRare community.

Badges are issued through a partnership with Once claimed badges can be seen by connecting your Metamask wallet here or in the POAP mobile app. For more information on how to move your SuperRare wallet to Metamask please visit this article.

How To Claim Your Badge

All you'll need is your Ethereum address. We highly recommend you to use an address you have set up on Metamask (if you'd like to move your SuperRare account to metamask, check this article).

Each time you are eligible to claim a badge you'll receive an email with a link to claim it. Click on it and access the badge claiming page.

Congrats! You've claimed your badge.

You can chose to claim your badge on xDAI or Ethereum. Claiming on xDAI will cost no fees and still lets you transfer the badge on Ethereum later on if you wanted to.

Note: you might need to have your badge in your Ethereum wallet in order to enjoy its full potential in the SuperRare ecosystem. You can migrate a badge to Ethereum by clicking on it in your POAP collection and clicking "Migrate POAP".

That's it! You've got your first badge. Or maybe you've got plenty now? Anyways, cherish them! They may unlock unique experiences in the SuperRare community...

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