We will be retweeting newly minted artwork announcements during the day, outside the hours of 9am-1pm PST. Once you have released a work, tag @superrare in your tweets, include a link to your artwork on the marketplace, and DM us a link to your tweet. We will try to retweet as many as we can with respect to not overflowing the feed.



We will be reposting newly minted artwork announcements on IG Stories. Tag on stories that detail your release, and we will try to reshare a fair amount without overflowing the Stories feed.


We keep an eye on all newly minted artworks on a daily basis for ideas on what to feature on our feed, so if you have minted something new, it will be considered.

With 1350+ artists and growing, it's becoming harder to support every release by every artist. We can't guarantee that we'll reshare your artwork on Twitter and Instagram but we'll always do our best to showcase a variety of styles and themes.


You can submit ideas for articles about your work (or others) to be published on our Editorial.

Submission recommendations:

We're looking for article submissions that put the artwork on SuperRare in its historical and cultural context, rather than being written in a press release format – content that enriches the direction for our overall community will always be desirable.

Tell us about the why, where and how of your work, but keep it grounded with minimal superlatives. If we like your idea, we'll work with you to publish it on SuperRare. We may also promote your articles on our social media channels and feature them on our homepage, but this is not guaranteed.

You can submit an Editorial Idea here.


Features is the hub of special releases, notable projects, and exhibitions.

You can submit a proposal for a Feature when you have a new series of artworks to be minted on SuperRare under one special project.

Features are created on an ad hoc basis and are a curatorial decision made by the team. If your proposal is accepted, the Feature will be posted on our Instagram and Twitter.

You can find more information on how to propose a SuperRare Feature here.


We keep an eye on all new releases and may choose to highlight your artwork as part of our other marketing efforts on Social Media, Email, and PR when in line with our brand and content strategy.

Thank you to our incredible artist community!

- The SuperRare Team

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