$RARE is SuperRare’s new curation token. With an initial distribution to those who brought SuperRare to where it is today, $RARE will be a key tool in shaping both SuperRare’s future and the digital art community at large.

As SuperRare moves to put more power directly into the hands of artists and community members, we will progressively transition into operating as a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization).

With any such organization, DAO participants claim influence by being holders of a brand new token minted solely for the purpose of the DAO’s governance. This is where $RARE comes in.

With the initial distribution of $RARE and the upcoming, gradual addition of pathways for more community members to earn it, SuperRare 2.0 takes form. This next chapter of SuperRare promises to shift ownership and governance of the network into the hands of the community who care about it the most. This is the next chapter of the digital art revolution.

What can I do with $RARE? What is it for?

Using $RARE, community members will have power akin to being a stakeholder in defining SuperRare’s future.

In order to grow SuperRare into the healthiest decentralized ecosystem possible, three fundamental areas of the platform must be rethought: where value accrues in the network, control of curation and key market parameters, and the tools available to artists, collectors, and curators. Holders of the $RARE token will have the opportunity to guide the evolution of these necessary developments in a transparent, democratized manner.

While new methods of participation will progressively be rolled out this year, $RARE tokens will most immediately be useful towards SuperRare Network Improvement Proposals (SNIPs), a means for the community to propose upgrades and distributions to the SuperRare ecosystem. It will most immediately be important in the upcoming proposals for Spaces, giving $RARE holders a voice in decentralized curation.

For a full overview of $RARE and the SuperRare DAO, please read the official SuperRare Network docs.

Who gets $RARE in the $RAREdrop, and why?

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $RARE

Retroactive airdrop to community members: 150,000,000 $RARE

If you are a SuperRare artist or collector, congratulations! As of today you own a part of the platform.

Among the total supply of $RARE, 15% (150,000,000 $RARE) will be distributed to the core community of artists and collectors who have bootstrapped SuperRare into the platform that it is today. If you have ever minted or collected a piece on SuperRare, you are eligible for the $RAREdrop.

As of August 17th, airdrop tokens are claimable here for 90 days, after which unclaimed tokens will be reallocated to the Community Treasury.

The airdrop has been allocated based on a combination of gross market value (GMV) and the quantity of art purchased/sold. This factored in the aggregate volume of transactions (measured in ETH) alongside the number of pieces transacted.

To learn more about the total distribution of $RARE, please read the SuperRare Network Docs.

To see if you are eligible to claim $RARE, click here.

How do I earn $RARE going forward?

Currently, there is no way to earn $RARE. Pathways to earning $RARE are among the many developments underway for our transition to SuperRare 2.0. Stay tuned.

What are the official token contracts and addresses? How can I verify them?

There is only one Official SuperRare curation token ($RARE). Please double-check the following information before claiming, exchanging, or accepting SuperRare curation tokens.

Official site for claiming your airdrop

Official token contract address


$RARE token on Etherscan

Official contract address for the SuperRare DAO


Please note that any search for a token by name may result in more than one or many identical/similar results. The best way to ensure that the ERC20 token you are interacting with is the correct one is by matching its token contract address against the one noted above.

Why can’t I see my claimed tokens in Metamask?

You may need to manually introduce custom token addresses to Metamask.

Select “Add Token” from the assets tab, and then “Custom Token” to add.

Official token contract address: 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350

Copy and paste the official $RARE contract address listed above to the "Token Address" field.

The token symbol and token decimal fields should automatically fill.

Click the “Next” button. At this point, the process should be complete and MetaMask will display $RARE tokens in your list of assets.

Can I sell this coin?

SuperRare Labs cannot provide financial advice about $RARE. You should speak to your own financial advisor or attorney if you have questions about your rights or obligations as a recipient of $RARE.

This token was created in an effort to shift the ownership of SuperRare into the hands of those who care most about the community, the platform, and the potential of digital art. The token was not created to act as a speculative investment.

While still very early in our transition to SuperRare 2.0, we’re prioritizing developments that empower the community with the ability to architect its future, and $RARE is the inaugural tool in doing so.

We hope that you can proudly hold onto these tokens as their functional potential progressively comes into full fruition at the hands of the community. In the meantime, $RARE can be used towards governance efforts within SuperRare Network Improvement Proposals (SNIPs). The initial rounds of SNIPs will be viewable on Discourse (coming soon). Stay tuned for new proposals and announcements.

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