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What are Spaces?

An overview of SuperRare network of independent galleries.

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What are Spaces?

Spaces are independent galleries that bring new curatorial voices into SuperRare’s ecosystem.

Each Space represents a community or collective that has a vested interest in furthering the boundaries of digital art. To earn their place within SuperRare, Spaces must be voted in by the community during a Space Race using $RARE, our curation token.

Imagine if the Louvre wanted to share its power and prestige with a new class of vanguards, and asked you to vote on artistic leaders to head up a special wing of the museum, forever. By voting in a Space Race, you are actively handing the keys of our museum to those who you believe deserve it.

What can Spaces do?

Once a Space is voted into SuperRare, they are granted the power to act as independent curators and commissioners. This means that they can onboard new artists that are not yet on SuperRare, promote sales, run auctions, and collect commissions – sort of like running a mini-SuperRare within SuperRare, with the same technology and collector base that we've been honing since 2018.

The SuperRare DAO also earns an on-chain commission on sales from Spaces, giving token holders a direct incentive to pursue high-quality curation of all Spaces added to the network. $RARE holders are invited to vote on which Spaces should go live next in a recurring vote.

Why are Spaces important?

For years, SuperRare has made an effort to curate the highest quality digital artwork by hand-selecting artists that came across our radar. Artists would express interest in joining the platform via a submission form, and a small curation team within SuperRare carefully considered each one.

While we’re incredibly proud of how the SuperRare Labs team has led curation over the last 3 years, we also recognize we're not the only ones with an eye for undiscovered talent and artistic value. Nor should we risk becoming the digital version of the gatekeeping galleries we sought to disrupt. Therefore, Spaces is the first major effort in broadening our curatorial diversity.

We officially put this important shift into motion on August 17th, 2021, when we launched $RARE, our curation token. To learn how to get involved or vote in Space Race with $RARE, click here.

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