Spaces is currently under development and will be coming to SuperRare in the near future. In the meantime, head over to the SuperRare forum to see our first round of Space Race proposals!

For years, SuperRare has made an effort to curate the highest quality digital artwork. With the dawn of SuperRare 2.0, we’re shifting from acting as a singular curator and transitioning into a wider ecosystem of diverse curatorial voices. To achieve this, SuperRare is introducing Spaces, independently run gallery pages that can curate art and artists, promote sales, run auctions, and collect commissions.

Spaces will act as curatorial voices within the SuperRare network, representing communities and collectives that have a vested interest in the vibrant and explosive world of digital art.

In order for a Space to enter the network, they will need to submit a proposal that details their interest and intent to act as a gallery on SuperRare. Once the proposal is submitted, $RARE token holders will then be able to vote on which Space can enter the SuperRare platform.

Once a Space is established, they can curate the works of artists both already on SuperRare as well as artists who have not yet joined the platform. This means Spaces will play a coveted role in bringing new artists to SuperRare.

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