Hello and welcome to the exciting world of collecting NFTs on SuperRare!

This is a practical, step-by-step guide on setting up an account as a collector. If you are new to cryptoart and dealing with cryptowallets, fear not: we'll cover all necessary topics and tools for getting started. This includes overviews on:

Let's get started!

1. How to set up your account with WalletConnect

First, you’ll need to download a mobile wallet that has support for WalletConnect. A few popular examples are Rainbow Wallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and imToken. The process for each wallet is very similar, so choose which one best suits you.

Once you've downloaded a wallet app, follow the in-app instructions to set up your wallet. Each app has a slightly different process, but they all follow similar steps. the steps for Rainbow wallet are pictured below

First, select "Get a new wallet". After the wallet is done being created, click the discover button in the top right (or swipe from the right of your screen) to pull up the discover page. Once there, click the small square icon in the top right, and allow camera access, you're now ready to scan the QR code on SuperRare

It's very important to backup your wallet, this allows you to recover access if you ever forget your password. Some wallets will prompt you to backup when creating an account (such as Trust wallet) whereas others you will have to do manually after the account setup process. Below are the steps for Rainbow wallet, where you can choose to backup manually or using iCloud.

Ensure you never share your backup phrase with anyone else!

Next, you'll need to go to SuperRare.com and click the sign in button, which is located on the top right of the page

To complete the account setup process, first select a wallet, choose WalletConnect, scan the QR Code with your compatible mobile wallet, then select the option to sign up for a new account, and fill in your information.

When you click Sign Up, a notification from your wallet will pop up and ask you to sign. Once you click sign, your account will be fully set up. You wallet will pop up and ask you to sign anytime you log into your account, or initiate any transactions, such as buying or selling an NFT.

2. How to fund your account

In order to bid on or purchase art and cover the gas cost of running the blockchain transaction, you'll need to buy some ETH and send it to your wallet address. Buying ETH with your local currency can differ from country to country, but we typically recommend Coinbase as the easiest way to purchase ETH. When considering your budget, remember you’ll need a little extra to cover the gas costs for running the blockchain transactions.

Each site will have a slightly different process, if using Coinbase, information on how to purchase ETH can be found here on their website.

Once you've purchased ETH on an exchange like Coinbase, it's time to send it to your wallet. In order to do this, you'll need to copy your public wallet address.

Each app will be slightly different, but you'll be able to copy your public wallet address by either pressing on the address itself (beginning in 0x...) or pressing a copy address button.

Once you've copied your public address, navigate to the Send/Receive section on the exchange you purchased your ETH (On Coinbase this is located in the top right, input your address, the amount of ETH you'd like to send to it, and press Continue).

Always make sure the address you're sending to matches the address of your wallet

Once the transaction completes, you'll see the amount in your wallet. You are now funded and ready to start buying CryptoArt!

3. FAQs

Do you support all WalletConnect compatible wallets? Why isn't my WalletConnect compatible wallet working?

Currently, we don't have support for smart contract wallets that are otherwise available through WalletConnect (ex. Gnosis Safe, Argent Wallet).

Why am I not getting asked to sign for a transaction on my wallet?

If you aren't being notified when you need to sign for a transaction using your mobile wallet, try opening the wallet app before starting the transaction.

If the prompt still isn't appearing, make sure you're connected to the right account.

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