$RARE and the dawn of SuperRare 2.0 is here! To navigate this exciting shift in digital art history, we've prepared a list of the most pertinent questions for the launch of the SuperRare curation token, $RARE.

For a complete breakdown of $RARE, the SuperRare DAO, and the future of the platform, we encourage you to read SuperRare Network docs for a full overview.

We also encourage you read the articles within our Help Center.

For a concise wrap sheet of the most important details to keep in mind, please read on.

What is $RARE?

$RARE is the curation token for SuperRare. It is used to participate in governance, curation, and having an active voice in the future of SuperRare.

What is the contract address for $RARE?

The contract address for $RARE is 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350.

Please triple check you are interacting with the right token as there are bound to be malicious actors looking to take advantage of the $RARE ticker symbol.

Where do I get $RARE?

If you have ever minted or purchased artwork on SuperRare before 7/21/21, then you have $RARE to claim at superrare.com/rare. Please claim your $RARE within 90 days after August 17th.

What exchanges are $RARE on?

SuperRare Labs cannot speak about or on behalf of any secondary markets for $RARE. Please refrain from any discussion on trading or speculation in the official SuperRare channels.

Can I sell $RARE?

SuperRare Labs cannot provide financial advice on behalf of $RARE. You should speak to your own financial advisor or attorney if you have questions about your rights or obligations as a recipient of $RARE.

What is $RARE used for today?

$RARE is used to participate in governance and the curation of SuperRare Spaces.

What is the total supply of $RARE?

In total, there is 1,000,000,000 $RARE in existence.

Where can I learn about $RARE?

To learn more about $RARE, please read SuperRare Network docs for a full overview.

How was the RAREdrop calculated?

The RAREdrop was granted to those who have collected and minted on SuperRare. An exact breakdown of the RAREdrop can be found in the SuperRare Network Docs.

What is the SuperRare DAO?

The SuperRare DAO is a community treasury found at 0x860a80d33e85e97888f1f0c75c6e5bbd60b48da9.

It receives all platform commissions and is governed by $RARE token holders.

Where can I participate in governance?

You can join the conversation on the SuperRare governance forum.

How does SuperRare governance work?

You can learn more about governance in the SuperRare Network Docs.

Why did a member of the team DM me about $RARE?

No member of the SuperRare team will ever message you about $RARE. Anyone claiming to have free tokens or asking for ETH should be immediately reported to an admin and blocked.

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