SuperRare at large is proud to host a dynamic, global community of artists, collectors, and cultural explorers. Unfortunately, because of our reach and productivity, scammers and hackers are bound to target our community – it is a sad reality, but one that you can easily prepare for! Please read further for tips on how to spot and avoid malicious actors.

SuperRare Social Media Accounts

A list of the official SuperRare and SuperRare Labs social media and blog accounts can be found here.

Any other accounts impersonating or claiming to be affiliated with SuperRare publicly or privately via DM may be scams and should be treated with caution. Please feel free to report any such accounts to the respective social media platform.


⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Support staff or admins on the Discord server will never send you private messages first.

No member of the SuperRare Labs team will ever ask you to send them $RARE, $ETH, or information about your private keys or seed phrase. Please be wary of scammers and malicious actors that might try to prey on productive communities such as ours. To learn more about common scams and how to avoid them, check out our short video guide, "How to Identify and Avoid Crypto Scams".

If you are talking to someone who appears to work for SuperRare Labs on Discord, you can verify that they are an official member of the team by referencing the right-hand panel of SuperRare Discord members. In this panel, there are various tiers of members, and "Official Support" will be at the top.

While this right-hand member panel is normally displayed, note that you may have to unhide it: you can hide and unhide the member panel by clicking the Member Icon in the top right corner (the Member Icon looks like the outline of two people; it's right between the "pin" icon and the search field).

On mobile, the Member Icon can be found at the furthest top-right corner of the screen when you click into any channel.

This member section will show which Official Support members are online at any given moment. Additionally, all official employees will have "SuperRare Labs" in their username, but you should always reference the member panel to double-check.

Artist Invites to SuperRare

Invites sent for artists to join SuperRare will only arrive by email. All official emails from SuperRare Labs team will end in – no exceptions.

Fake SuperRare Interviews

Please stay aware and alert about possible scammers impersonating a SuperRare Team member. If you received an email regarding an interview, please triple check to verify if the email is legitimate. It's very rare that we'd reach out to any artists for an interview out of the blue. As an emphasis, official email communications will always and only come from – no exceptions.

Above all, if you're told to connect your wallet or download something, this is the biggest RED FLAG. In the world of Web3, anyone asking you to share your seed phrases or connect your wallet is highly likely an attempt to hack and scam you.

If you're new to the Web3 space, the most valuable tenet to know when you navigate this space is to question every interaction you have especially if someone is asking you to do something like share your wallet or click on a link.

If you're unsure, we highly encourage you to reach out to Support on Intercom or on Discord to verify. There is no rush and taking your time to verify everything will save you a lot of headache, pain and loss of funds.

More Tips to Identify and Avoid Crypto Scams

We've put together a short overview on how to spot crypto scams. We recommend giving it a watch. Please be careful out there! While the world of Web3 is exciting, safety should always be of priority.

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