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An explainer on Series Contracts: How to create and mint with your own custom contracts

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With Series, artists can deploy their own custom smart contracts on SuperRare and release unique collections of work that are distinctively named, numbered, and nuanced.

Artists now have the option to continue minting artworks under the shared SuperRare contract, or one under a brand of their own. This gives artists more independence, individuality, and sovereignty; it unlocks a new way to package their work and experiment with artistic themes.

Watch our video walk-through for minting under a Series Contract, or read the outlined tips below.

A Brief Primer on Contracts

SuperRare’s first minting contracts, dubbed “V1 contracts,” were utilized from April 2018 to September 2019, up until the ERC-721 NFT token standard was adopted.

SuperRare then created a new minting contract that produces ERC-721 compliant tokens (or “V2 tokens”). These V2 NFTs are also spottable by their “$SUPR" token ticker, shorthand for the contract name "SuperRare".

For example, if you browse SuperRare artwork on OpenSea, they’re referred to as "SuperRare" tokens. This contract name acts as a sort of banner that announces where and how an NFT was minted. Over time, we noticed that artists loved to experiment with namespaces and other nuances in creating detailed collections, so we set out to give them that freedom.

In short, Series provides artists the more advanced option to create and deploy a bespoke contract that gives context and individuality to a grouping of their artworks. Artists can now do this easily within the traditional SuperRare Mint Flow.

Creating a Series Contract

When you go to mint an artwork, you will now be given an option to mint an NFT under the standard SuperRare Contract, or to create a new contract of your own. Once you create a new contract, it will remain as an option in this menu.

Once you've selected to mint a "Custom Series", you will be asked to give it a name and a symbol (aka a ticker). While the name for the Series acts as the full name for this custom contract, the symbol/ticker will act as the name's shorthand.

For example, the standard "SuperRare" contract has "$SUPR" as its symbol. This shorthand symbol is often used in instances where a lot of data is being displayed at once; simply put, it allows for brevity. You can create a symbol for your own Series Contract that will give it individuality on sites like Etherscan or other blockchain readers or indexes.

Minting on a Series Contract

Minting on a Series Contract is more or less the same as minting under the SuperRare Contract, though there are a few small differences.

Integrating into OpenSea

OpenSea allows for artist royalties to be collected on artworks minted under Series Contracts when bought and sold on their platform! To set this up for your contract, follow OpenSea's instructions here.

You will need to have minted at least one piece on your Series Contract in order to set the royalty.

Remember: OpenSea will automatically index and display the creations minted on your Series Contract, but royalties must be manually integrated yourself. Be sure to follow this step as soon as you get started creating with your Series.


You can now assign Attributes to your artworks when minted on a Series Contract. This is an optional feature for adding a descriptive layer to your work: they allow you to inscribe the unique details of each artwork directly into its metadata. This opens the door for assigning rarity to the motifs that appear throughout your collection.

If you create Attributes for a piece, they will be viewable on your artwork under "View Details" once minted and will display on OpenSea as well.

Gas Fees

As with any initiation of a smart contract, creating a Series Contract will incur a one-time gas fee. The cost of gas fees when minting artwork under a Series Contract should be comparable to minting on the SuperRare Contract. For the time being, Series artworks must be minted individually.

Series Page

We have added a dedicated Series Page that showcases all the artworks minted under your Series. You can add a general description (limited to 212 in characters) for your Series and also change the thumbnail for your Series Page. To make an edit on your Series Page, you'll need to login first and then head over to your Series Page. Above the thumbnail, you'll see an Edit Icon where you can add or make edits to your Series Page's description.

Multiple Series Contracts

You can now create multiple Series Contract. Just as how you create your first Series contract, you can add a new Series Contract over on the Series Contract feature.

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