How to Vote on SuperRare Proposals

Vote on Proposals (SIPs) using Snapshot

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Got some $RARE? Are you caught up on the latest proposals over on the SuperRare Forum? Well then, it's time cast your vote and help guide the future of this community.

Below is a step-by-step process for participating in SuperRare governance via Snapshot. All you need is your wallet that holds $RARE to get started.

Step 1: Head to Snapshot

Navigate to and search for SuperRare.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet address that holds $RARE and join the SuperRare DAO project to stay connected for all forthcoming votes of the DAO.

Step 3: Vote!

Review the open proposals and vote in accordance with your beliefs to guide the future of the SuperRare Network.

⚠️ Note: On using hardware wallets: If you use a Trezor to secure your $RARE, you'll need to connect using the Trezor with Metamask option in order to vote. DO NOT CONNECT DIRECTLY WITH METAMASK.

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