Spaces are independent art galleries on SuperRare. Each Space has the power to curate, promote, and sell groundbreaking work by artists of their choice. You can read more about them here.

But who gets to be a Space? That's where the SuperRare community comes in. By holding $RARE, you can vote on which curators and collectives can earn the privilege of Space.

Got some $RARE? Did you look over all the current Space Race contestants, and now you know your favorites? If yes, you're ready to vote – read below to find out how.

Step 1: Go to Mirror

Go to and connect your wallet that holds $RARE to create an account and complete any necessary details to fill out your profile (e.g. link your Twitter account for social identity).

Step 2: Make sure your wallet is properly connected

You may need to disconnect, then reconnect your wallet that holds $RARE. As with many Web3 websites, wallet connections can sometimes be imperfect, but you need that connection to properly vote.

Step 3: Verify Voting Power

Verify that your voting power matches your total tokens held in the wallet prior to the snapshot cutoff (e.g. 3hrs prior to voting)

Step 5: One Last Review

Review eligible race candidates and the details of their Space applications so you can make an informed decision about your vote.

Step 6: Vote!

Distribute your votes to as many contestants you feel are deserving. You can cast your $RARE in whatever proportion reflects your feelings and wishes for the SuperRare network.

⚠️ Note: Any votes you cast are final for the duration of the Space Race and can't be reallocated once cast - before signing a transaction ensure you're comfortable with the details of your vote as it can't be undone!

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