How to Vote in a Space Race

Vote with $RARE and help your favorite proposal earn a Space

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Spaces are independent art galleries on SuperRare. Each Space has the power to curate, promote, and sell groundbreaking work by artists of their choice. You can read more about them here.

But who gets to be a Space? That's where the SuperRare community comes in. By holding $RARE, you can vote on which curators and collectives can earn the privilege of Space.

Got some $RARE? Did you look over all the current Space Race contestants, and now you know your favorites? If yes, you're ready to vote – read below to find out how, and continue reading for instructions on how to delegate votes.

How to vote in the Space Race

Step 1: Make sure you have $RARE voting power

If you need to acquire $RARE for voting, check out our Help Desk article How do I get $RARE?.

⚠️ Please make sure you prep your $RARE voting power prior to the Snapshot that occurs just before the Voting Period begins. The Snapshot documents all $RARE held in wallet addresses (not exchanges) before a vote begins. $RARE purchased during a given voting period, or held in an exchange instead of a wallet, will not be eligible for voting power.

  • Will I still have my $RARE when the Race ends? Yes! Voting ≠ spending.

  • Can I change my vote after I cast them? Yes. If you need to free up some voting power, simply lessen the amount you've already allotted on the respective potential Space(s) you voted for.

Go to and connect your wallet that holds $RARE.

Step 3: Make sure your wallet is properly connected

Once your wallet is connected, you will see a Menu on the top right corner. You can add additional wallets if you have $RARE spread across them.

If you're having issues with connecting, you may need to disconnect, then reconnect your wallet that holds $RARE. As with many Web3 websites, wallet connections can sometimes be imperfect, but you need that connection to properly vote.

Step 4: Verify Voting Power

Verify that your voting power matches your total tokens held in the wallet(s).

Step 5: One Last Review

Review eligible race candidates and the details of their Space applications so you can make an informed decision about your vote.

Step 6: Vote!

Distribute your votes to as many contestants you feel are deserving. You can cast your $RARE in whatever proportion reflects your feelings and wishes for the SuperRare network.

How Quadratic Voting applies to the Space Race

Thanks to community feedback and DAO approval, Space Races now use a quadratic voting structure.

Under quadratic voting, votes are still casted with $RARE, but the more tokens you use to vote on a singular application, the less voting power you get per token. This helps to level smaller amounts of $RARE with high $RARE quantity, and encourage results that better represent voter turn out per proposal.

In the first four Races, under linear voting, voting power was equal to token quantity. This encouraged voters to give all their votes to their favorite candidate without spreading them around, and made way for those with the most tokens to have the most influence.

Now, under quadratic voting, voting power is instead equal to the square root of token quantity. This means that high $RARE voting power is tamed when placed on only one application. Those who hold a large amount of $RARE can still give them all to one candidate, but their vote goes further if they don't. This encourages voters to spread their votes among all the candidates they really like – the more the merrier! This also makes $RARE more impactful as a vote even when casted in a small amount.

Thank you again to the SuperRare DAO community for voting on this important change: with this structure now in place, Space Race votes are now more meaningful and reflective of overall community will.

How to delegate your votes in the Space Race

Looking to transfer some of your voting power to another community member? You can do so by delegating your $RARE tokens to another person to vote on your behalf. This does not change ownership, just voting power in the Space Races.

Before you delegate, please be aware of the following:

  • Once $RARE has been delegated to you, you cannot delegate tokens.

  • Once you've delegated $RARE, you cannot vote in the Race. This includes with any $RARE delegated to you after you've delegated your own.

  • Once you've delegated $RARE, you cannot retrieve / re-delegate until after voting has closed.

  • You cannot specify how much $RARE you want to delegate. Delegating will transfer the voting power of all $RARE that you hold.

  • You can only delegate $RARE that was held or purchased before the snapshot of the given Space Race voting period took place.

  • If you have $RARE of your own, you can still receive $RARE as delegation. It will combine your previously held $RARE with the amount delegated to you.

  • If you already began voting, you can still receive delegated $RARE.

Once you're clear on the above information, complete Steps 1-4 in the above instructions for voting, and use the following additional steps.

Step 1: Select "Delegate" from the top right-hand menu

Step 2: Enter the wallet address of the person you wish to delegate to and press delegate

Before you delegate, please be sure you are aware of the information above! Do not delegate to someone who has already delegated their votes – they won't be able to use the $RARE, and you will not be able to retrieve it for the voting period.

Be very sure you are willing to give up your voting power before transferring it, it will be theirs to use until the Race closes. Double-check that address before hitting delegate!

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