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Tips on downloading Discord and safely using our Server

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Discord is a dynamic messaging app that has steadily become the preferred tool for community amongst the Web3 crowd and beyond.

SuperRare's official hub on Discord (referred to as a "Server") is a great place to meet other artists, collectors, and SuperRare Labs Employees. One of the great things about Discord is its voice chat and live-streaming capabilities, and you can often find interesting happenings being held in our Server throughout any given week.

The channels are set to serve distinct topics and goals within the SuperRare ecosystem, with some of them being reserved for specific types of members: $RARE holders, whitelisted artists, and collectors all have their own gated channels for more focused conversations.

Discord is a powerful tool, but it can be overwhelming to those just starting to use it. In this article, we'll teach you how to set it up with ease and safety – do not skip that section in this article, please! And remember:

  • SuperRare Labs employees will never DM you first

  • Never – EVER – give your seed phrase or security information to anyone

  • If someone on the internet is telling you something too good to be true, it's probably fake

Read on to get setup, then drop us a hello in there when you're done 👋

Step One: Download Discord

Head to Discord's official website to download the app to your computer. A mobile version is available for iPhone and Android as well.

Step Two: Joining our Discord Server

Use the Discord invite we've sent you to access the SuperRare Server.

Step Three: Verify Your Account

Read the rules of the server carefully: they explain some very important best practices for keeping you and others safe.

At this step, you will also be asked to verify a phone number to give legitimacy to your Discord account. Because bad actors are unfortunately prone to spamming Discord, this step helps us mitigate raids from phony accounts.

Step Four: Grab Your Role

At this step, you'll be asked to review rules and safety tips againthey are that important! Once you've reviewed them, grab your Roles via the corresponding emoji to access our discussion channels.

Step Five: Disable your Direct Messages (recommended!)

Once you're in a Server, you can view a list of other members who are online on the right – but this means others can see that you're online, too.

We highly recommend turning off your Direct Messages within Discord. This prevents the chance of scammers, fraudsters, or any kind of unwanted solicitation from being able to reach your inbox.

Once you toggle this off, other members will need to send you a friend request that you get to approve before they have the ability to message you.

Click the name of our Server in the top right corner ("SuperRare") > click "privacy settings" > switch off the ability to allow direct messages (it will be greyed out when off).

Step Six: Connect your wallet

$RARE holders, whitelisted artists, and collectors who own at least one SuperRare piece have access to special channels that serve these respective interests.

Do any of these groups sound like you? Well then, you'll want to connect your wallet to grab your special role!

Head to the channel called #wallet_sync in the left panel. Once there, read the instructions on connecting with CollabLand, the bot we use to grant channel access.

The "Let's Go!" button will initiate the steps of wallet verification: as always, be sure that the ETH address you're verifying is the one that holds your $RARE and/or your badge.

After verifying your wallet with CollabLand, you'll receive a special role:

  • $RARE_holder is for those who hold any amount of $RARE. It grants you the ability to participate in #governance, where dialogue around the SuperRare DAO takes place.

  • SR_collector is given to any collector who holds at least one piece from SuperRare (note: transferred NFTS do not count).

  • SR_artist is for the whitelisted artist community of SuperRare.

Scared of connecting to CollabLand? It's good that you're being cautious on Discord! But don’t worry, the ETH address you are sharing with the bot is public and not sensitive. Confirming your ETH address with the bot allows it to read your holdings and confirm that you either $RARE or a badge – but that’s it! Not much more can be done with your public ETH address. It’s similar to viewing it on Etherscan.

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