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Learn how you should handle marketing yourself in web3 spaces as well as what kind of promotional tools SuperRare is able to offer.

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The most successful artists in the crypto art world have built up their own independent platforms and communities to reach their audience of collectors. If there’s any one tip you should take away from this article it’s this: get involved in as many web3 activities as possible to start building up your own community! A whopping 40% of collectors buy artworks from artists they follow and engage with in the crypto art world, while only 1% of collectors buy artworks off retweets or shares by platforms like us.

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial your ability to develop and grow your own community will be in your success as an artist - doing so will only make the promotional opportunities we can offer even more impactful on you and your career.

Promotion on SuperRare Socials

The Artist Release Calendar

A key focus at SuperRare Labs is to increase the discovery of artists. In an effort to better serve our community we would love to get insight directly from our artists on what and when they are planning to release new work. This will allow our team to more effectively plan our marketing support via Twitter, Instagram, SuperRare Homepage, and Features.

Click the "Submit To Calendar" button below to fill out a form and let us know about your upcoming releases on our Artist Release Calendar. This is designed for SuperRare Labs staff only, and is not something we will be sharing with any SuperRare collectors.

Please note: Filling out the form below will inform us of your upcoming releases and give our team more insight into what is coming up so we can provide support where possible. However, it does not guarantee you will receive promotion. We try to support as many artists as possible but with thousands of artists on the platform and a limited amount of posts a day we can't guarantee promotion to everyone.

A note on Social Media Support:

  • If we can support on socials, it will usually be with a retweet or reshare of your IG Story announcement post, so be sure to also post about your release on socials with the following:

  • tag us in your tweet and/or Instagram Story (Twitter: @SuperRare Instagram:

  • include the link to the work on

  • For the best chance of getting support, please fill out the form at least 10 days prior to your release.


Discord Channel #💧┃drops:

We've setup an announcement channel in our Discord server dedicated to new artworks created and posted by verified SuperRare artists. You can use this channel to share your work with our community, but only one post is permitted per artwork.

Discord Workshops:

We've set up a weekly workshop system for new artists to share their skills and knowledge in the SuperRare Discord server. Hosting your own workshop is a great way to start engaging directly with our community of artists and collectors. If you're interested in hosting a workshop please fill out this form!

Thank you to our incredible artist community!

- The SuperRare Team

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