Adding your Custom Smart Contracts

Steps and FAQs for supporting your Custom Contracts on SuperRare

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We love what Manifold and Transient Labs has been building and their mission to empower creators to launch their own smart contract speaks volume to our vision of enabling decentralization. We’re excited to share that we will be integrating and aggregating Manifold and Transient Labs contracts onto SuperRare for SuperRare Artists.


Importing your custom contract is straight forward. You can find the feature on your Account Menu below the Mint feature:


Here's where all the magic happens. Let's jump right in.

A. CONTRACT TYPE: Select which custom contract you want to import. Currently, we support Manifold ERC-721 and Transient Labs ERC-721L contracts.

❗️IMPORTANT: To avoid any setbacks or delay, please make sure that your registered wallet address on SuperRare is the same address for the Owner when you deploy the Manifold/Transient Labs Contract.

Please ensure that the contract does not contain ERC-1155 or Open Editions as it would violate our Terms of Service.

B. CONTRACT ADDRESS: Enter your custom contract's address. It should auto populate a sample of your work from the contract along with the NAME and the ticker SYMBOL.

Submit your contract and violia!

NOTE: Once it's indexed, they will appear as a Series on your Creations page. However, if you're not seeing it after a while, please submit a ticket here: 👉 Support Request 👈


Question: Does SuperRare support dynamic/interactive HTML?

Answer: With the Manifold contract, we’re able to support and display dynamic HTML on our website. We’re working to have this integration for our SuperRare native contracts. Please follow this guide from if you're looking to implement dynamic HTMLs.

Question: What's the commission fee structure if I use my own Manifold Contract?

Answer: Because you’re using SuperRare’s Market contract, the fee structure of 15% paid out to The SuperRare DAO community treasury remains the same with the 3% service fee that is paid by the buyer.

Question: Do you support 200MB if I use my Manifold contract?

Answer: We’re still building out support to accommodate files beyond 100MB. If you have a file that is beyond 100MB, it will likely cause issues across mobile devices. We recommend keep sizing/dimensions to under 2345x2345 pixels (5500000 total pixels).

Question: My Manifold contract contains open editions, will this breach SuperRare’s Terms of Service?

Answer: As long as the minting did not happen on SuperRare’s platform, it does not violate the Terms of Service. We will only index your single edition works in these cases. That being said, please note we are not able to support a contract that contains Open Editions since indexing a Manifold contract is all or nothing at the moment, you cannot control which artworks are visible from within a contract at this time.

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