For Buy Now listings, you can now sell and purchase artworks using RARE. Have a question not covered here? Hit us up in the chat.

Q: How do I buy an artwork for RARE?

A: When setting a Buy Now price, sellers can choose to list in ETH or RARE, and the artwork will be available for purchase in the seller's chosen currency. To find artworks listed in RARE, use the currency filter in the marketplace.

Q: Can I use Auctions & Offers to sell artworks for RARE?

A: Currently RARE is only available for Buy Now prices, but support for all purchase types is coming soon!

Q: Are all artworks available to price in RARE?

A: V1 SUPR tokens can only be sold with ETH, because they are from an older smart contract that can’t be upgraded to support ERC-20 tokens. For all other artworks, you can choose RARE when setting a Buy Now price.

Q: Can you list something in RARE even if it has previously sold in ETH?

A: Yes. Each listing event is atomic.

Q: Can you change an existing price from ETH to RARE and vice versa?

A: Yes, simply use the “Update price” feature in the artwork menu.

Q: How do royalties work now that there are multiple currencies on SuperRare?

A: All royalties are paid in whatever the currency of sale is.

Q: If I have an artwork listed for Buy Now with RARE, can I still get offers in ETH?

A: Yes, collectors will still be able to make offers in ETH. If you accept an ETH offer, you’ll get paid in ETH, and the Buy Now price will be cleared as the artwork is transferred to its new owner. (RARE support for Offers is coming soon.)

Q: Where can I track my RARE sales? Are RARE sales reflected in leaderboards?

A: We’re working to add RARE stats to the Dashboard, Series page, Trending Artist & Top Collector leaderboards, and transaction history download – coming soon!

Q: Will other ERC-20 tokens be added to SuperRare?

A: Protocol changes such as currency support are established by the SuperRare DAO, i.e. $RARE holders. The DAO voted to add support for RARE, DAI, USDC, and WETH, which is under ongoing development – ETA end of 2022.

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