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Delegating Your Vote on SuperRare Snapshot Account
Delegating Your Vote on SuperRare Snapshot Account

This article will walk $RARE token holder through the process of delegating their votes on

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Delegation voting is now available on the SuperRare Snapshot account. With this functionality enabled, you can now direct your $RARE voting power to trusted delegates - allowing them to vote on your behalf - whenever you decide to sit out a vote yourself.

How to delegate your voting power:

1. Connect your wallet on Snapshot.

2. Select ‘Delegate’ on the left menu.

3. Enter the wallet address for the user you’d like to delegate your voting power to.

4. Click ‘Confirm’. You should be all set.

The delegation method currently in use allows for your voting power to be granted to another user whenever you decide not to vote yourself on a given proposal. In other words you will retain your voting rights whenever you choose to participate, but that voting power won’t be lost in the event you miss a given vote - whether intentional or unintentional.

Another useful strategy is to delegating your full voting power from your main cold storage wallet/vault(s) to a hot wallet where you hold a de-minimis amount of assets. This allows you to maintain high key security for your most prized assets & retain your personal voting power without the added risk / complexity of juggling hardware wallets to participate in a live vote.

We understand that DAO participation can be overwhelming, and that you won’t always have the time to consider each proposal in full detail prior to voting. By using this feature, you have the flexibility to decide whether you know/care enough about a specific proposal to vote on it yourself OR you can defer and your voting power will be granted to another community member of your choosing who you trust to represent your interests in the network.

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