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Importing Your Fortmatic Wallet to MetaMask
Importing Your Fortmatic Wallet to MetaMask
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⚠️ NOTE: If you're looking to export your Fortmatic Wallet, please refer to this help desk article first: Exporting your Fortmatic Wallet

If you're using Walletconnect, you can select your wallet provider and follow the instructions provided by your wallet service on how to import your Fortmatic wallet into your wallet. Walletconnect serves as a middle layer to help connect your crypto wallet to dApps.

Importing your Fortmatic Keys, Step by step

1. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, you can download the extension here:

2. Create your wallet

3. Click on the top far right circle icon to bring out the Account Menu and select Import account:

4. Select Type: JSON File:

5. Select the file you downloaded that says fortmatic_keystore_mainnet…it should look like:

6. Enter the password you created when you exported your Fortmatic Wallet to decrypt the file.

7. You have successfully imported your Fortmatic wallet into MetaMask! 🎉

Video Demonstration

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