Buying, selling, and holding a RarePass

How minting works, information on royalties, option for fiat purchasing, and more!

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What are the benefits of holding a RarePass?

RarePass is a truly historic cryptoart collecting opportunity. With a single transaction, pass holders are able to secure a collection from some of the most prolific crypto artists in the world. Each pass receives:

  • 1x guaranteed monthly airdrop from a rotating roster of legendary crypto artists for 12 months. Each Airdrop artist will produce a series of 250 unique 1/1 artworks that will be airdropped straight to wallets that hold a RarePass each month. Wallets holding multiple passes will receive 1x airdrop per pass held per month.

  • 3x opportunities per month to win 1 of 3 unique 1/1 artworks, where winners will be selected via a provably random on-chain mechanism giving each pass holder an equal chance (1 in 250) to win. Each Special Release artist will produce 3 unique 1/1 artworks which will be randomly distributed to 3 pass holders. Wallets holding multiple passes will receive 3x opportunities per pass held per month.

  • Additional benefits to be announced over the course of the program.

What are the benefits of collecting RarePass #1?

All passes will receive the benefits described above, including 1 monthly artwork airdrop and 3x opportunities per month to win a unique artwork, but RarePass #1 has special benefits. Aside from bragging rights as an unparalleled patron of the cryptoart revolution, by purchasing and holding RarePass #1 you get:

  • A RarePass design like no other - this pass will be individually styled with unique attributes by acclaimed 3D artist Alessio De Vecchi

  • The first token / artwork from each of the monthly Airdrop Artist series (all other passes will receive randomized distributions from the monthly Airdrop series)

  • 1x item of the buyer's choosing from every limited edition SR Artist swag drop for the program year

  • The signed, numbered, and uniquely marked skateboard #1 from the Other World limited edition swag drop

  • More special Pass #1 benefits to be announced

How many total passes are there in the RarePass: Genesis offering? How many can I buy?

There are 250 total RarePasses. 209 will be available for the public to mint. 25 are reserved for participating RarePass artists (including the Pass artist). 6 are reserved for the community giveaway. 10 are reserved for SuperRare Labs and its strategic partners to continuously improve RarePass holder benefits. We’ve capped the number of RarePass purchases to 5x per wallet in order to prevent bots & promote wider distribution.

Can I buy a RarePass or RarePass artworks on secondary NFT Markets?

Yes! All RarePasses will be available on after the Dutch Auction ends. In addition, all RarePass artworks will be listed on after they are airdropped to pass holders each month. SuperRare is the preferred marketplace for secondary RarePass & RarePass artwork purchases and will honor both artist & collector royalties. Always check the royalty rules before purchasing from a marketplace and remember - royalties support the sovereignty and independence of crypto artists & help ensure the continuation of the digital renaissance.

What’s the RarePass Primary / Secondary sale & royalty / fee structure?

The proceeds of the primary sale of RarePass #1 will be split: 10% to the participating RarePass artist pool, 75% to SuperRare Labs and 15% to the SuperRare DAO. The proceeds of the primary sale from passes #2-209 will be split 10% to the participating RarePass artist pool, 15% to our technical partners at Transient Labs, and 75% to SuperRare Labs (with 15% commission going to the SuperRare DAO). Secondary royalties on RarePass sales will be split 45% to the participating artist pool, 45% to the SuperRare DAO and 10% to Transient Labs. 100% of the secondary royalties on RarePass program artworks will go to the contributing artists - the same as any normal transaction on SuperRare. SuperRare will also honor collector royalties for transactions that occur via the SuperRare marketplace. Read more below

As a collector, why should I use to buy RarePass artwork over other marketplaces?

As with all artwork that originates on SuperRare, there is a collector royalty paid on all qualifying sales, funded by SuperRare’s network fee and paid on a monthly basis. That means collectors of the RarePass aren’t just getting airdropped artworks, but they’ll also become the first collectors of those works on SuperRare for the purpose of collector royalties calculations. Read more about how the SuperRare collector royalty program works here.

Can I buy a RarePass with US Dollars?

We are excited to partner with MoonPay Concierge to make RarePass:Genesis more accessible to collectors who are more comfortable with USD. Should you need help setting up or funding your wallet, please contact MoonPay Concierge at least 2 days prior to Pass #1 Mint on (Before November 13th, 2022 10:00AM E.T.).

Note: If you contact MoonPay Concierge after the first auction begins on SuperRare, delays may apply. You can reach out to MoonPay directly via their email [email protected].

Can I sell my RarePass?

Yes, you can sell your RarePass at any time on but there are added benefits to being a hodler. Read more about secondary sale royalties and the benefits to holding the RarePass below

How will SuperRare Labs contact me about RarePass?

The email that we will contact you from is [email protected]. We will never ask you to send us ETH. We will never ask you for your private seed phrase, private wallet keys, or DM you for any reason on Twitter or Discord.

Please make sure that you are entering the community giveaway directly via and as always - practice strong key security, store any valuable assets (including RarePass artwork) in a cold wallet, and exercise caution when authorizing transactions on any website. Follow our official Twitter account (@SuperRare) to stay up to date on all things RarePass.

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