I just bought a RarePass, what do I do now?

Congratulations and welcome to this historic CryptoArt collecting opportunity! You will receive artwork airdrops on a monthly cadence (1st week of the month for the Artwork Airdrop and 3rd week of the month for the Special Release artists). Join our private community on Discord to stay abreast of all things RarePass.

How will SuperRare Labs contact me about RarePass?

The email that we will contact you from is [email protected]. We will never ask you to send us ETH. We will never ask you for your private seed phrase, private wallet keys, or DM you for any reason on Twitter or Discord.

Please make sure that you are entering the community giveaway directly via rarepass.superrare.com and as always - practice strong key security, store any valuable assets (including RarePass artwork) in a cold wallet, and exercise caution when authorizing transactions on any website. Follow our official Twitter account (@SuperRare) to stay up to date on all things RarePass.

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