With all things on the Internet, you find nefarious actors that will try to steal your credentials using phishing links, malware and even pretending to gain access to your accounts through social engineering. Web3 is no different and presents a greater risk to your assets and funds as your wallet becomes your bank account and a key to log into Web3 native websites.

We highly encourage you to read our help desk article How to Avoid Scams in order to equip yourself with a general understanding and knowledge of the type of scams that our community have encountered and that you should stay aware of.

This guide will serves as a frequently updated source of community reported scams that will enable our community to stay up to date and safe when navigating around the SuperRare community. The most important rule of thumb to take away is that our official SuperRare communication will come from our only official handle, @SuperRare.com - NO EXCEPTIONS.

The beauty and strength of our community is that we are all in the same journey and community. Every efforts to identify a scam, impacts our entire commmunity so if you encounter a scam we want you to report it to us.

If your wallet was compromised, you can submit a support request here: Compromised Wallet Report

☠️ SuperRare Impersonators Email Handles

☠️ Impersonating SuperRare Social Media Accounts

❌ @superrare.email

❌ @superrare-email.com

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