Error Code 27

IMPORTANT NOTE: RainbowKit does not support Fortmatic Wallets and for this reason SuperRare will no longer be able to support Fortmatic wallets. You will need to migrate your wallet to another wallet provider like MetaMask. Here’s a help desk article on how you can export your wallet: Exporting your keys from a Fortmatic Wallet

In the world of Web3, a wallet is the portal to participate and navigate within the web3 space. As the industry quickly expands to support novel kinds of wallet providers, we see the need to also integrate a service that allows support for a broader wallet ecosystem.

Introducing RainbowKit, a wallet toolkit that allows a broader support of wallets that includes Metamask, WalletConnect,Coinbase, Rainbow, Ledger Live, Trust Wallet, Omni and imToken. Nothing changes if you’re using either of these fine selections of wallets other than the user experience will be different.

Each wallet provider will have a slight different login flow but it should all essentially be a similar experience for the wallet you’re using.

We’re going to look at the login flow for the MetaMask wallet as this remains the most popular wallet to use.

NOTE: Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Rainbow, TrustWallet, Omni & imToken utilizes QR Codes to access your wallet which will require you to have two devices in order to log in. Here’s a help desk article that will guide you through the steps: Using a QR Code to Log In

Returning User

1. New Login Flow with RainbowKit: You will now have a menu of various wallet providers to select from and in this walkthrough we’re going to use MetaMask.

2. Select MetaMask: This will be familiar if you’re a returning user. Follow the prompt as you normally would do to select the wallet associated with your SuperRare account.

NOTE: We experience potential iOS bugs that may affect some users depending on the iPhone model and the iOS version.

  • Signing in with Metamask wallet on mobile: If you’re having any issue signing in on your mobile device with MetaMask we recommend you use Metamask on desktop or log into SR via MetaMask’s internal wallet browser.

  • Buy now, auctions, offers: If you’re having issues submitting your transactions on your mobile device with MetaMask, we recommend you use Metamask on desktop or log into SR via MetaMask’s internal wallet browser to complete the transaction.

  • iPhone 11: We have been experiencing some issues with the iPhone 11 models as some users have reported being unable to sign in or purchase artwork. If this is the case please use the desktop instead.

3. Account Verification: Verify that your wallet address is associated with your SuperRare account and sign the message.

4. Homescreen: Your address will be verified and you will be taken to your home screen.

New User

NOTE: You'll need a wallet in order to create a new SuperRare account, follow this help desk guide on setting up an account with MetaMask before you proceed to create an account on SuperRare.

  1. Creating a New Account: If you’re a new user to SuperRare , setting up a new account is very simple. You will walk through the same steps above but we included a new modal where you create a new account on SuperRare. Once your account is created, you’ll be taken to the home screen.

Error Code 27

If you encounter the Error Code 27 Sorry we can’t sign you in at this time” you can close the window displaying the error and click on “Connect” to try again.

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