How to Create a SuperRare Account

Connect your wallet to begin your SuperRare profile

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Creating an account on SuperRare is easy, all you need to do is connect your Ethereum wallet.

Unlike the typical registration processes of Web2, an email and password is not required of your account (although you will be asked to link an email to your account). Instead, your wallet address will act as the main identifier of your account, and connecting it is how you will "log in".

Please note: You cannot add multiple wallets to one SuperRare account at this time.

Supported Ethereum Wallets

We support MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live (via WalletConnect), Trust Wallet, and Gnosis Safe.

If you don’t yet have a wallet, please read How to Setup a Wallet first. For first-timers, we recommend choosing MetaMask.

Please also make sure you have a browser that’s compatible with wallet extensions, like like Chrome or FireFox.

Steps to Creating Your Account

Step 1: Click “Sign in” and select the wallet provider of your choice.

Step 2: Your wallet will prompt a signature request. Click “Sign” to proceed to registration. If your wallet is not opening, you may need to click on its extension icon to open it yourself.

Step 3: Once connected, you can create a user profile: provide an email, select a username, and agree to Terms and Conditions. Please note, you can only register an email address to one SuperRare account. You can change your registered email in your User Settings at any time.

Step 4: You’re all set! You should receive an email that confirms the wallet address you registered. Feel free to spruce up your profile with an avatar, bio, and linked social media.

Step 5: Start discovering and collecting!

I started an account. Where do I add my artwork?

You must be invited to SuperRare as an Artist in order to list your art. You will not be able to show your artwork automatically after creating a SuperRare account. See How Do I Join as an Artist?

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