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How to Connect a Gnosis Safe

Connect your Gnosis Safe for additional security and user access

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We’re thrilled to finally support Gnosis Safe, a highly trusted wallet service for collective asset management and additional security.

Interested in creating a Gnosis Safe? Learn more about creating one via their Help Desk.

Already have one? Follow the steps below to connect it to SuperRare and create a new account associated with your Safe's address. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome for best results.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Once in the Gnosis Safe dashboard, add the SuperRare app by clicking the My custom apps tab.

Step 4: Once added, launch the app on the Gnosis browser. Note: You must stay within the Gnosis browser use the Gnosis Safe app.

Step 5: Proceed with Safe to then create a new account with its wallet address.

Enjoy the additional security your new Gnosis-powered account permits you!

Remember: to connect your Safe to SuperRare when logging back in, you will need to do so through the Gnosis Safe browser. Gnosis should remember SuperRare as a custom app moving forward.

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