What is Rare Protocol?
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Introducing Rare Protocol. Hosted on rare.xyz, Rare Protocol is new way to, 1) elevate your reputation … 2) build meaningful communities … and 3) support your favorite artists while sharing in their success, via curation staking. Let’s break down how curation staking works.

You can show your support for an artist by staking on them with the RARE token, forming an on-chain connection. You share in their success by earning a reward on each sale the artist makes.

While support via staking is now shown on Artist and Collector profiles, all actions related to staking take place on Rare Protocol, hosted on rare.xyz.

Give curation staking a try to support artists and earn rewards over on rare.xyz.

You can find a detailed overview, FAQs, and instructions on the Rare Protocol Docs.

How is Rare Protocol / Rare.xyz related to SuperRare?

Rare.xyz is the new destination for novel new technologies such as staking, with more tools to come. This is separate from SuperRare.

While the Rare Protocol influences the world of SuperRare, it is a separate brand entirely. This distinction will allow SuperRare to mature as a curated marketplace in the next chapter of Web3, while Rare Protocol will power novel methods of decentralized curation to use across the world of Web3. In other words: Rare Protocol is designed to integrate with other platforms, protocols, and services in the near future, but today, you can now see its beginnings on SuperRare.

What does Staking on Rare.xyz work? What does it mean for Artists?

If you’re first to stake on somebody, you’re the first person in their Rarity Pool (just a smart contract deployed to their Ethereum address). As more people stake on the artist, the rarity pool grows into a club of supporters with a vested interest in helping the artist succeed. As the artist goes on to make more sales, everyone in the pool earns rewards.

Rewards are automatically distributed to stakers in proportion to the amount they’ve staked. Let’s say you go on to open a pool on another artist. The earlier you join a pool, the larger your share of rewards, even after others continue to join in. This incentivizes the discovery of undiscovered or undervalued artists.

As you keep staking in pools, you automatically form a list of artists that you support and vouch for, with skin in each of their games. We call this a curated list. These lists provide on-chain feeds of curated creativity, an open social graph of on-chain data that can reveal more nuanced structures within the web3 creator economy like reputation, social connections, fleeting trends and larger macro-curation insights, all of which will aid in the discoverability of notable market participants.

For artists, pool stakers represent an engaged community of supporters – more meaningful than social media followers but easier to obtain than collectors – that can be organized or tiered according to level of staked commitment, and then engaged with, rewarded or mobilized as they see fit. It’s a whole new way to discover who really supports you, enabling you to focus your energy reaching those that matter most.

With rarity pools forming a decentralized reputation system, and staked lists as a new discovery engine, these powerful new primitives combine to form an on-chain social graph for the creator economy – scalable far beyond that of sales or standard curation – helping creators and collectors form deeper connections and stronger communities.

Give curation staking a try to support artists and earn rewards over on rare.xyz.

You can find a detailed overview, FAQs, and instructions on the Rare Protocol Docs.

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