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Introducing: The Rare Collection
Introducing: The Rare Collection

Learn more about the RareDAO Foundation’s commitment of 600,000 $RARE for collecting art

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The RareDAO Foundation is pleased to announce the Rare Collection. With a formal commitment of 600,000 $RARE, the program will support and promote new talent within the digital art space by acquiring significant works from up-and-coming artists.

The Rare Collection is strategically designed to highlight emerging artists on SuperRare while reinforcing the platform’s commitment to top-tier digital art. With a focus on established, community-forward guest curators, the program seeks to set a new standard for the onchain art market and its approach to elevating artistic legacy.


The total budget for this initiative is 600,000 $RARE, the native curation token of SuperRare. Over six months, rotating guest curators will each have a 100,000 $RARE budget to purchase artworks listed on SuperRare in $RARE.

Program Length

Set to debut in early June, the program is scoped for an initial duration of six months. We hope to extend and further evolve the program based on the rollout of the first iteration.

Curator Election Process

Curators will be selected based on their activity and influence within the SuperRare community. The selection criteria will involve:

  1. Trending artists from the past 30 days.

  2. Trending collectors from the past 30 days.

  3. Well-established curators with a proven track record in the digital art community, handpicked by the SuperRare Curation team.

All candidates must receive approval from key SuperRare stakeholders, including the Curation Team.

Presenting the Selected Artworks

Curators are invited to detail the unique perspective behind their selections by contributing a short curatorial text that frames their choices.

This text, along with the curated artworks, will be presented as a SuperRare Feature once the Curator’s term is complete.

DAO Ownership

While the guest curators will select pieces as they please within their allotted budget, the chosen artworks will ultimately reside under DAO ownership in tribute to the community. We look forward to seeing the inaugural Art Collection grow over the program’s duration 🖤

Get Involved

Want to help spread the word across Web3, the art market, and beyond?
​→ View a formal press release for the program launch here.

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