How long until I receive an invite?

Wait times for application review are not guaranteed. Learn more.

Written by Keegan Ead
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How long until I receive an invite?

With the overwhelming flow of applications, it has become impossible for us to respond to everyone who has submitted, or give an estimate on when any one person might receive an invite.

Curating artists at SuperRare is not like a typical application process with cycles of acceptance and rejection. Instead, when you submit your portfolio via this form, you're putting your work on the radar screen of our Artist Curation team.

The SuperRare curation team reviews this pool on a rolling basis, and have gradually been doing so less as SuperRare prepares to make its next shift in how it does curation.

We also don't provide any updates on the status of your portfolio upon request, as there are only two statuses, "submitted" and "invited".

How will I know if I'm Invited?

If your status has changed to "invited", you will receive a notification by email โ€“ but be careful, scammers often try to pray on hopefully people waiting for an invite. Reference our Official list of SuperRare emails and accounts to make sure the email you received is legit. Emails from SuperRare staff end in It must be that exactly. No exceptions.

If you haven't heard back from us, you don't need to submit the same portfolio again. Except in the case where some time has passed and you have a new selection of works that you would like us to see, then we're happy to take a look.

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