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The Official List of SuperRare Social Media and Websites
The Official List of SuperRare Social Media and Websites

Double-check that you are interacting with the correct, official social media SuperRare Accounts

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The SuperRare community can be found across several different platforms. To be certain you are interacting with the correct ones, please reference this official list.

⚠️ Please be wary of malicious actors posing as a SuperRare account, or as an affiliate. Use this list to double-check that the account you are interacting with is legitimate.

Emailing SuperRare:

All email correspondence with SuperRare Labs employees (both SuperRare and Rare Protocol) will come from email accounts that end in "". It must be that ending exactly, no exceptions. If someone is emailing you from an address that is not from "", they are not an official employee of SuperRare Labs and are not to be trusted as such.

SuperRare Usernames:

SuperRare will never create a profile within the platform to carry out giveaway initiatives or other dubious schemes that are "too good to be true." While SuperRare has done airdrops in the past, these will always come from SuperRare, accompanied by a notification directly via email – not via an account on SuperRare with a third-party link in the bio.

SuperRare Websites:

There are very few websites owned and operated by SuperRare Labs that are hosted by URLS that do not start with Do not trust any other website that is not on the following list that differs from this URL format. Scammers often try to spoof the SuperRare URL with convincing fake websites – be careful.

Rare Protocol: is the new destination for novel new technologies such as staking, with more tools to come. While this is a separate brand from SuperRare, it is directly related and powered by RARE, the curation coin originally launched by SuperRare in 2021.

Please be advised on the official websites for the Rare Protocol project, as it is closely tied to the SuperRare Ecosystem (formally known as @sr_gov)

Official SuperRare social media and blog accounts:

Twitter (formally known as @sr_gov)

Instagram + Threads:


Please message us via our support chatbox for an invite









Telegram (posting disabled):

⚠️ Note: This Telegram is now defunct and disabled from participation. While we may choose to revive it at a later time, please be cautious of other Telegram groups posing as SuperRare. SuperRare Labs will never promote giveaways nor message you on Telegram. We kindly ask that you report all fraudulent accounts on Telegram, as well as to the SuperRare team.

Who manages these accounts?

The social accounts are managed by the SuperRare Labs team, on behalf of the SuperRare Network.

Beware of scams

Any other accounts impersonating or claiming to be affiliated with SuperRare publicly or privately via DM may be scams and should be treated with caution. Please feel free to report any such accounts to each social media platform. Stay up to date on the lists of current SuperRare scams in this article, an Updated Guide on Existing Scams.

For more important information to help avoid being the victim of scams, check out this article from our Help Desk.

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