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My wallet was hacked, what can I do?
My wallet was hacked, what can I do?

Actionable steps for recovering your account and enabling better protection

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Hackers and scammers are an unfortunate pitfall of the internet, and you should always exercise as much precaution as possible to avoid them (see also: How to Avoid Scams).

If you believe your wallet has been hacked, the SuperRare Labs team will help you create a new, uncompromised account. To do so, you will need to set up a new wallet with a new seed phrase and take the necessary steps to make sure your computer is secure moving forward. Users are always solely responsible for securing their own accounts.

Please note that stolen SuperRare NFTs can continue to exist outside of our ecosystem (i.e. OpenSea). In the event of a hack, you should immediately inform all marketplaces that host your work, as well as any other web3 service that you use.

As for your account on SuperRare, please read below to follow the instructions that pertain to you, and remember to take a deep breath – the community has your back.

I’m an artist on SuperRare and my wallet was hacked

  1. Please fill out the form here: Compromised Wallet

  2. Using the email you have registered with your SuperRare account, please provide a link to your SuperRare profile and the public wallet address associated with it in the form.

  3. If any works were transferred out of your account during the hack, please include that in the form.

  4. We’ll work to help suggest security tips, remove your compromised account, and situate you with a fresh new artist account that displays your existing creations.

I’m a collector on SuperRare and my wallet was hacked

  1. If possible, transfer any remaining artworks out of your account to a new, secure wallet.

  2. If any artworks were stolen during the hack, please let us know by filling out this form found here.

  3. We’ll want to delete your current account so you can move forward with a new one. If you have already contacted us regarding stolen artworks via Step 2, we’ll help start this process for you. If you have not already contacted us, please see the following step below.

I have a SuperRare account, but I’m not an artist and I haven’t collected anything yet.

Please submit a request to delete your account by clicking on the form here. Please allow a few weeks for this to be processed. Once completed, you can then start a new profile with a new, uncompromised wallet and regain your original username if you would like.

How can I protect against this happening again?

As a general rule, if you want to be as secure as possible, a hardware wallet will provide the most protection possible – you may want to consider purchasing one.

Please familiarize yourself with how scams work and be extremely cautious when interacting with unfamiliar services or individuals on the internet. You should never reveal your seed phrase to anyone, and please be wary of bad actors posing as SuperRare Labs employees (you can find a list of our official accounts and how to identify them as legitimate here).

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