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How to access Discord channels for $RARE holders
How to access Discord channels for $RARE holders

Unlock the #governance channel to chat about the DAO and discuss new SIPs

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Hold $RARE? Ready to start moving the needle? Join us in #dao_chat!

We’ve created a gated channel on Discord called #dao_chat, just for $RARE holders. Joining the channel is necessary to put forth an official proposal for $RARE token holder vote, and it's a central place for all dialogue pertaining to the DAO.

$RARE holders are currently the only community members who can participate in this channel's conversation, with its status held as "view only" for those who have not yet joined the SuperRare DAO. With this focus, it's meant to serve as a springboard for some of the most formative initiatives around the early days of SuperRare DAO governance.

If you have not yet setup Discord, please learn how to do so here. Once you're in, you're ready for the following steps below.

How to connect your wallet

Unlocking #governance is simple: open our Discord Server and head over to the channel called #wallet_sync.

Once in #wallet_sync, read the brief instructions on connecting with CollabLand, the bot we use to grant channel access. The "Let's Go!" button will initiate the steps of wallet verification. As always, be sure the ETH address you are verifying is the one that holds your $RARE.

After verifying your $RARE holdings by sharing your public ETH address with CollabLand, you'll receive a #$RARE_holder role, which grants you the ability to post in #governance.

Can I trust the CollabLand bot?

Don’t worry, the address you are sharing with the CollabLand bot is public and not sensitive. Confirming your ETH address with the bot allows it to read your holdings and confirm your $RARE – but that’s it! Not much more can be done with your public ETH address. It’s similar to viewing it on Etherscan.

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