Quick FAQs for $RARE

Helpful, at-a-glance facts about $RARE, the SuperRare governance and curation token

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What is $RARE?

$RARE is the governance token for SuperRare. It allows our community to have an active voice in curation via Space Races, as well as in the broader decision-making process for the future of SuperRare.

With $RARE, you can participate in SuperRare governance via drafting and/or voting on proposals. In this way, $RARE holders actively play a role in guiding the evolution of the SuperRare network

Where can I buy $RARE?

$RARE can be purchased on popular exchanges such as Uniswap, Binance, and Gemini. We recommend watching our tutorial to learn how to do this safely.

⚠️ If you believe you are interacting with $RARE, please triple-check the contract address to confirm it is, indeed, $RARE. Always be cautious of malicious actors looking to take advantage of the $RARE ticker symbol.

🔷 Official token contract address: 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350

Nothing in this FAQ should be construed as financial advice or an encouragement to buy or sell $RARE. The $RARE token is a curation and governance token that enables limited forms of participation in the SuperRare ecosystem. It is not an investment product. Please refrain from any discussion on trading or speculation in the official SuperRare channels.

Is there a Telegram for $RARE?

There is only one SuperRare Telegram: https://t.me/superrare.

⚠️ This Telegram is now defunct and disabled from posting. While we may choose to revive it at a later time, please be cautious of other Telegram groups posing as SuperRare.

SuperRare Labs will never promote giveaways nor message you on Telegram. We kindly ask that you report all fraudulent accounts on Telegram, as well as to the SuperRare team.

Why did a member of the team DM me about $RARE?

No member of the SuperRare team will ever message you about $RARE. Anyone claiming to have free tokens, asking for ETH, or asking for your seed phrase should be immediately reported to an admin and blocked.

What is the contract address for $RARE?

🔷 Official token contract address: 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350

⚠️ Always triple-check that you are interacting with the right token by referencing this contract address.

I just got $RARE. Why can't I see it in my wallet?

You may need to manually introduce custom token addresses to Metamask.

Select “Add Token” from the assets tab, and then “Custom Token” to add.

🔷 Official token contract address: 0xba5BDe662c17e2aDFF1075610382B9B691296350

Copy and paste the official $RARE contract address listed above to the "Token Address" field.

The token symbol and token decimal fields should automatically fill.

Click the “Next” button. At this point, the process should be complete and MetaMask will display $RARE tokens in your list of assets.

What is the SuperRare DAO?

🔷 The SuperRare DAO is a community treasury address is 0x860a80d33e85e97888f1f0c75c6e5bbd60b48da9.

This address receives all platform commissions and is governed by $RARE token holders. You can view the total amount it holds at any given time on Etherscan.

Where can I participate in governance?

Join the conversation on the SuperRare governance forum! Here, you'll see a history of our proposals and the conversation surrounding them. If voting is live on a proposal, head over to our Snapshot to vote.

We're in the early days of defining the procedure for $RARE holding community members to create proposals of their own, and we're incredibly excited to see what the future holds.

To get a closer look at our progress in defining SuperRare governance, head over to Mirror to read dispatches from our leadership team.

What is the total supply of $RARE?

In total, there is 1,000,000,000 $RARE in existence.

To learn more about the supply of $RARE and an exact breakdown of our first $RAREdrop, please read SuperRare Network docs for a full overview.

What was the first $RAREdrop?

Our first $RAREdrop happened on August 21, 2021, and was distributed to those who had ever minted or purchased artwork on SuperRare before July 21, 2021. It was available to claim within 90 days after the launch date. $RARE that went unclaimed was deposited back into the SuperRare DAO Treasury.

If you forgot to claim or weren't eligible, don't worry: there may be more $RAREdrops in the future.

Can I sell the $RARE I received in an airdrop ($RAREdrop)?

SuperRare Labs cannot provide financial advice on behalf of $RARE. You should speak to your own financial advisor or attorney if you have questions about your rights or obligations as a recipient of $RARE from our $RAREdrop.

This token was created in an effort to shift the ownership of SuperRare into the hands of those who care most about the community, the platform, and the potential of digital art. The token was not created to act as a speculative investment.

While still very early in our transition to SuperRare 2.0, we’re prioritizing developments that empower the community with the ability to architect its future, and $RARE is the inaugural tool in doing so.

How can I access Discord channels for $RARE holders?

We’ve created a gated channel on Discord called #Governance. Here, only $RARE holders can participate in conversation, while non-holders can quietly observe.

Unlocking this channel is simple: open our Discord Server and head over to the channel called #wallet_sync. If you still have not setup Discord, you can find steps to do so here.

Once in #wallet_sync, read the brief instructions on connecting with CollabLand, the bot we use to grant channel access. The "Let's Go!" button will initiate the steps of wallet verification. As always, be sure the ETH address you are verifying is the one that holds your $RARE.

After verifying your $RARE holdings by sharing your public ETH address with CollabLand, you'll receive a #$RARE_holder role, which grants you the ability to post in #governance.

Don’t worry, the address you are sharing with the CollabLand bot is public and not sensitive. Confirming your ETH address with the bot allows it to read your holdings and confirm your $RARE – but that’s it! Not much more can be done with your public ETH address. It’s similar to viewing it on Etherscan.

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