⚠️ VERY IMPORTANT: This MUST be done on a desktop browser and NOT on a mobile phone. Please note that ONLY you can perform this process. SuperRare Labs or Fortmatic CAN NOT do this for you. No one should be asking you for this file or private keys to complete the migration. For more scam prevention please refer to this help desk article: How to Avoid Scams

NOTE: If you have forgotten your credentials, please refer to Fortmatic's Help Desk Article: How do I reset my password

  1. Head over to https://fortmatic.com and click on the Wallet tab:

  2. Fill in your credentials:

  3. You should see a menu that looks like this after you successfully logged in:

  4. Select Export Private Key.

  5. In the the next menu you will see the option to export your key As A Backup or Completely out of Fortmatic’s system:

  6. IMPORTANT: Select As a Backup to ensure that you can have access to your Fortmatic wallet in the event that you need to access it again.

  7. Confirm the prompt by checking off the boxes before hitting Continue:

8. IMPORTANT: You will need to create another password that is not the password you used to sign into your Fortmatic wallet in order to access this encrypted file. Take a moment to do this process slowly. It is not a race. Please also read the note in the box labeled “REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD!”

9. The next menu you should see is the confirmation that your private key was exported securely:

10. IMPORTANT: Before you click [I have received the file], please check your Download folder to make sure you have successfully downloaded your private keys. The file should look like this:

Now that you exported your Fortmatic Wallet, you can now import it to a Metamask wallet!

Follow this Help Desk article: Importing Your Fortmatic Wallet to Metamask

Video Guide on Exporting Your Fortmatic Wallet

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